• The Photographer
  • Tom Fideler is a freelance photographer and writer. He creates high quality real estate, wedding, event, photojournalism, industral, and commercial photography.

Tom has traveled in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, the Caribbean, and throughout the United States to create images. In addition to photography, he plays and composes music for the keyboard and guitar.

He is the owner and principal of Color of Light, LLC, a photography and media company. He graduated from St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology from Michigan State University. He also continued his education with biblical studies at Pacific Institute of Theology in Washington State.

He was first educated in the art of photography and writing by his father, who was a nationally known writer, photographer, and text book publisher in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Major influences to his art and style come from the works and teaching of Ansel Adams, Joe McNally, and Art Wolfe. In addition, he spent several years in television production at the Boeing Leadership Center in Seattle, Washington.

Tom and his wife, Michele, live in the Greater Seattle region of the Pacific Northwest. They are actively involved in their community, and love the outdoors. They share a particular passion for ending human trafficking both domestically and internationally.

He has a calling to use his talents as a defender of the defenseless, to bring hope and peace to those who are oppressed.

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  • Organizational Memberships:
  • -National Press Photographers Association
  • -Documentary Photography Association
  • -Nikon Professional Photographers Association


  • Run Deep - A Poem
  • Run deep this course of wilderness,
  • Mountain glacier’s white-foamed child,
  • Rushing, crashing headlong
  • Down through darkened hills and forest shadows,
  • Settling slowly into sunlit lowland plains.
  • Now a deeper, darker brooding course,
  • Sometime forborne by earthen banks
  • Until passion feeds your flood;
  • And then, in sprawling power you rush,
  • A consuming flow of life and death.
  • River, run deep this course in me – you are
  • Life aroused, cutting deep the way,
  • Unbroken, flowing toward the sea;
  • To lose and find a life; absorbed, not lost.
  • Eternal river — flow in me.

- by Thomas Fideler